Friday, September 21, 2007

Beaverton Celebration Parade

Ready to start the parade with all the contestants and myself. Thank you to our fabulous Driver Don and his beautiful corvette!
Shawna, Susan, me, Libby, Joelle, Taryn and Jamie. We had a really fun time at the parade.
With the Grand Marshall of the parade Tommy Thayer of the famous band Kiss and his wife.
We were honored with a visit from Snow white and her friend at the parade!

With Mrs. OR International 2007, Tamara, Mrs. OR United America, Cindi, and Tommy Tomahawk of the Winter Hawks Hockey team.
At lunch after the parade some of the wonderful contestants of the Mrs. Oregon America 2008 Pageant. Boy did we a lot. You wouldn't know we all had to be on stage in swimsuits in a few weeks!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Final Rehersal/Showtime

Waiting for our turn to be called to practice before showtime. This was the judges table. Later that day it rained and rained right up until showtime.In our opening number dresses right before showtime.

Some of the gals that didn't make top 10 watching the show from a TV monitor backstage.

Rehersal/Gift Exchange

After my computer crashed at nationals I couldn't upload, so these photos are old news. This is with Mrs. OK and SC. We had assigned seats at rehearsal. Somebody spilt something surgery around my spot and underneath my chair was crawling with ants. I didn't realize it until I felt about 50 of them on my legs! ICKY!!!!!!
This a photo of the girls at the state gift exchange waiting to get all of the treats from each delegate.
Here I am with my gifts. It was Christmas in September! Everyone gave such nice gifts.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Dinner in Mr. Marmel's Suite

Elaine Marmel
TN survives her snake bite! Yea!!!!!!

Golf Challenge

Golf is not my game I learned today or if it is I will need a few lessons. Ha Ha! Mrs. Vermont won the challenge.